West Wing

The “West Wing” program offers a viable and suitable education option for students who have not experienced success in their present settings and who require a small group environment and increased attention from school staff.

The “West Wing” program offers a non-traditional yet effective learning environment. The program is small, carefully staffed, and provides intense, comprehensive, and individualized services to students and their families.

Program Goals:
- Re-engage students
- Provide special support
- Positive school environment
- Enhanced school climate
- Codes of conduct


Team Leader: Wendy Cerniglia

Language Arts: Robin Pratko

Math: William Mills

Science: Hank Gibson

Social Studies: Jason Tiseo

Aide: Mike Carter

BMS Principal- Mrs. Alla Vayda-Manzo
Program Coordinator - Mrs. Alla Vayda-Manzo
Scheduling – Mrs. Annette Baker
Teacher – Mrs. Wendy Cerniglia
Guidance Counselor – Mrs. Kathy Scehovic
Crisis Counselor – Ms. Elizabeth Dunlea
Supervisor of Special Education, Mrs. Keri Regina
Child Study Team